Aaron Schlossberg Attorney
Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney Discusses Tenant Rights Every New Yorker Should Know and Understand

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney discusses tenant rights every New Yorker should know and understand.

NEW YORK, NY / JULY 21, 2020 / Aaron Schlossberg Attorney is constantly working to defend landlord and tenant rights. He’s an expert at finding common ground between the two parties, even in New York City, a metropolis housing roughly 5.4 million renters. Aaron Schlossberg Attorney understands the ins and outs of tenant rights in New York City, and he recently discussed several he believes every renter in New York should know.

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney
Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

“Roughly 68 percent of New Yorkers rent their homes,” Aaron Schlossberg Attorney said. “Many tenant rights are understood by most renters, but others fall under the radar, and could help tenants in many situations. I wanted to highlight some of those rights.”

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney stated that many renters don’t know that landlords are only permitted to raise rent at the end of a lease period. If the home is not rent-regulated, this amount can be raised as much as the landlord pleases, but never before the end of the lease period. Aaron Schlossberg Attorney added that a new law states landlords have to give at least 30 days notice if the rent will be raised more than 5 percent. They must give 60 days notice if you’ve been renting the same home for one or two years and 90 days notice if you’ve been renting the same home for more than two years.

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney added that many older renters don’t know that they could be eligible for a “rent freeze.” He explained that this is a program in place for renters more than 62 years old or renters with disabilities who are more than 18 years old. Eligible renters can receive a property tax credit for the amount they’re paying over the determined “frozen” rent price.

“Understanding these tenant rights is important for renters as well as landlords, especially during the coronavirus pandemic,” Aaron Schlossberg Attorney said. “It is becoming more difficult for many New Yorkers to pay rent, and it’s important for them to know of any incentives that can help.”

Schlossberg unveiled another recent action put into place to aid renters. A rent law passed in early 2020, states that a landlord can collect the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit. They can no longer request an amount larger than that. Aaron Schlossberg Attorney explained that under these new rent laws, landlords must also return the security deposit within 14 days of lease termination. Of course, this amount is less than the deductions needed for damages.

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney works to protect the rights of landlords and tenants in New York City. He can also help you tenants create thorough lease agreements, and aid renters in understanding any lease agreements they plan on signing.

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