Aaron Schlossberg Attorney
Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney, Notes that Landlords Can Seek Legal Consulting Before Renting Properties

Aaron Schlossberg, Attorney, Notes that Landlords Can Seek Legal Consulting Before Renting Properties

Landlords May Want to Protect Themselves with Legally Binding Documents According to Aaron Schlossberg, Attorney

New York, NY / May 26, 2020 / Many people begin renting out rooms and properties, taking on the role of landlord. However, some do not look into the legal implications that they take on. The assumption is made that if they print off a contract they find on the internet, they’re covered. Aaron Schlossberg, an attorney based out of New York City, explains that landlords may want to explore legal consulting.

Aaron Schlossberg explains that one of the biggest issues that he deals with is landlord/tenant issues. There are often contract disputes because there is too much gray area within a contract.

When a landlord is looking to rent out a property, Aaron Schlossberg states that disputes could be less likely where a contract is drafted specifically for that property. Ensuring appropriate and sufficient documentation can be critical.  When there are fewer loopholes, it can lead to less drama later on.

Aaron Schlossberg explains that every landlord needs to understand that there are certain rights that tenants have. Further, tenants need to understand the rights of the landlord. While most of these might be covered within a contract, landlords also need to know what they can and cannot do within the confines of the law.

Aaron Schlossberg Explains Common Misconceptions

Many landlords assume that it’s okay to harass their tenants when rent isn’t received on time. Further, many assume that they can enter the property whenever they want because they own it. Aaron Schlossberg explains that common misconceptions can lead to landlords being sued for harassment.

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney identifies that legal consulting can help a landlord to know what their role is. It is often helpful when they understand what legal steps can be taken prior to obtaining a tenant. Further, they can learn how the law can help them when there are issues with a tenant that will not resolve on their own.

Aaron Schlossberg explains that legal consulting can also help to identify some of the most common problems involved in renting properties. By knowing common problems, it’s easier to know how to protect oneself against them as well as how to deal with them when they arise. Most tenants already know their rights yet landlords seem to be the ones that overstep the extent of the law in many instances.

Aaron Schlossberg has been practicing law for years throughout the Eastern and Southern District of New York. He received a BA in English from Johns Hopkins University and received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the Law School of George Washington University.

As a seasoned lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg has represented both tenants and landlords in various contract disputes. If anyone is considering becoming a landlord, Schlossberg states that he/she may want to sit down with a lawyer to learn about the process before taking on the responsibilities.

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