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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Discusses How to Reduce the Chance of a Construction Dispute

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg recently discussed how to reduce your chance of experiencing a construction dispute.

A construction dispute is inconvenient for everyone. Both parties can find themselves caught in a lawsuit that is time-consuming, stressful, and costly. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg is an expert in helping parties solve disputes before they reach the point of litigation.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg recently offered several tips for solving construction disputes. He hopes his tips will help both parties reach a resolution without having to involve the court system. He added that a qualified legal consultant can serve as a mediator to help resolve issues outside of the courts, so you don’t have to fight the battle alone.

“One of the most common reasons construction disputes come about is because the parties disagree about a statement in the contract,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “This can be either a misunderstanding about the conditions of the contract or a failure to meet deadlines outlined in the contract.”

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explained that one of the best ways to help avoid a construction dispute is for both parties to review the contract with a qualified lawyer. Often the creator of the contract should meet with an attorney to ensure all conditions are clearly outlined. Aaron Schlossberg added that the client may benefit greatly from meeting with an attorney as well, because the attorney can help explain any parts of the contract that may be easily misinterpreted.

“When a construction client fully understands a contract, he or she can negotiate certain clauses before signing,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “If he or she signs immediately, they may be bound to certain terms, even if they don’t agree with them.”

Aaron Schlossberg added that contractors can benefit from fully preparing for a project before beginning work. This means ensuring the client understands the contract and addressing any issues that could potentially be problematic. Pre-construction work, like creating schedules and estimates, is especially important.

“It’s always smart for contractors to prepare estimates and schedules as accurately as possible,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “Being completely honest upfront can prevent a major dispute down the road.”

Aaron Schlossberg explained that contractors often rush through the estimate and scheduling processes, assuming they’ll adjust them later. However, clients rely on these numbers, and the bigger discrepancy between the estimate and the actual price or date the more likely a dispute is to arise. Aaron Schlossberg added that contractors can typically begin making orders and contacting subcontractors as soon as the contract is signed.

“Honesty and excellent communication are two key factors in reducing the chance of a contract dispute,” Aaron Schlossberg finished. “Contacting a qualified lawyer may also cost you a small amount now, but it can result in thousands of dollars or more saved down the road.”

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